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An axiom is a starting postulate. Its absolute evidence implies that it is neither demonstrable nor that such an approach is necessary as it imposes itself.

Our axiom is the reality of the world around us and its silent beauty that our cameras strive to capture, like witnesses to a spectacle that no one should miss.
Photography is the seizing of the sudden, the jewel of both work and chance, the marriage of a long series of efforts and what is almost a miracle. Still images may seem simple in a time when technology is everywhere, even in the human body, but they fascinate nonetheless.
Video stands as the materialization of photography through temporality, transgressing the frightening immobility of still images to open a world where a series of events suddenly come to life, with the spectator's enchantment following suit.
Sound seems immaterial, a sheer present. Its breath fills the space before disappearing, and caresses the senses of those who hear it without allowing them to seize it. Sound is my very first passion, where it all began. More information on the Conatus Studios website.